Graded to Meet Your Requirements

New Zealand Radiata comes in a wide range of stringently adhered to grades, allowing buyers to specify their preferred quality and to match timber with their end use.

Grading is determined by size (diameter and length), shape (straightness and taper), branching and wood property features. All grades typically feature timber that is healthy with no insect attack, decay, ternal splits or growth stresses. Because many trees are pruned to produce ‘clearwood’ often the knotty core is restricted to a small cylinder surrounding the pith.

New Zealand Radiata Log Types and Recommended Uses

Pruned Peeler

  • High-quality, large, straight logs
  • For sliced or peeled veneer, ply and decorative overlay veneers

Industrial Peeler

  • Large, straight unpruned logs
  • Knotty plywood grades and LVL.

Pruned Sawlog

  • Large, straight logs
  • Clear and appearance-grade lumber, and industrial grades.

Small Branch Sawlog

  • For high-strength lumber.

Large Branch Sawlog

  • Temporary construction lumber, packaging and appearance components.

Long Internode Sawlogs

  • Wide branch clusters
  • Ideal for recovery of clearwood furniture and joinery.

Posts and Poles

  • Small-medium, straight logs
  • Low spiral grain, for engineering and ground contact; must be chemically treated.

Fibre and Pulp Logs

  • Wood but not matching any of the above classes.
  • Used for pulp, reconstituted and panel products.