Radiata's Key Features

Key Features

New Zealand Radiata boasts some key features that place it head and shoulders above it's competitors - no matter what your use.


New Zealand Radiata benefits from selective sawing and processing as well as low manufacturing energy inputs. The result is a natural wood product developed from renewable resources.


The continuing establishment of new forests, combined with New Zealand Radiata’s rapid maturation rates ensures long-term security of supply.

Well Managed

A continuing programme of genetic improvement and advanced forest management focuses on superior yield and enhancing desirable characteristics.


The strength of Radiata compares favourably with most traditional construction lumber. Appropriate conversion processes ensure that the higher-strength wood fibre near the outside of the log is sawn for structural applications.


Excellent for an impressive range of structural and appearance applications, New Zealand Radiata is easily kiln dried or chemically treated to produce stable and long-lasting products.